Montreal-based record label. Releasing free-range, grass-fed experimental music with a melodic sensibility. Founder and self-appointed noisemaker-in-charge : Christian Carrière


This track was almost done a long time ago. I finally finished it. Thanks to Eric and Reda, who are always very patient with my interminable production process. Thanks to Signal Culture for the opportunity to work with some very interesting video synth gear. Buy :


This is a brand new EP, out now!

This is an EP of sound pieces commissioned by Douglas Scholes for his Landmarks2017 project.

A remastered version of a 34-min piece which was commissioned by Montreal-based collective Mere Phantoms for the Istanbul Biennale. Made entirely up of audio mixer feedback (aka no-input console )…

Single, in anticipation of an EP due out in spring of 2016:

interceiving EP out in 2009:

First interceiving EP (Christian Carrière and Matt Killen) out in 2003: