The Centre de recherche urbaine de Montreal (CRUM) is a pseudo-arts organization, an independent publisher, an idea, an article of faith, but above all an artists’ collective dedicated to making art projects happen in the urban environment. We CRUMmies have come together because of shared interests and a belief in working collaboratively within the competitive and impersonal environment of the city. We all work within the identity of CRUM but also without it, in our own personal practices and professional activities. When we work collaboratively with artists outside the organization it is because these artists and their projects share our values. We offer the artists the conviction that working together and pooling resources is a positive experience. We offer them exchange in kind of our combined professional experience in research and information services, writing, sound design, and institutional, commercial and not-for-profit art systems.

Current members include Christian Carrière, Matt Killen, Alexandra McIntosh, Douglas Scholes and Felicity Tayler.

Founding members (2000) :
Hugues Charbonneau
Matt Killen
Felicity Tayler

Photo by Joanna HR Foster