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Pop Montreal Booking Promises Mutiny On S.S. Interceiving

Breakneck pace of half-show per year bound to burn out band members

Official complaints have been received at interceiving headquarters in Dubai this morning where band members are claiming to suffer from total creative exhaustion following the announcement of their second show in two years. Interceiving manager-publicist-booking agent-drummer-fluffer Eric Cohen simply shrugged his shoulders and said, “Hey, we have to get out there while the market’s hot,” at the press conference this afternoon. “If I have to share a rented car with these bozos again, I’m gonna LOSE it!,” huffed Matt Killen, the band’s guitarist and feedbacker. Bass and Aesthetics Vice-President Frank O’Connor made a more guarded statement. “I’m fine with it,” he said before adding, “but we’ll soon need an extended break from this merciless schedule.” Chris Carrière, who heads the group’s Texture and Feedback Regional Sub-Division, could not be reached for comment as he was on sick leave in Laos with Kleenex boxes on his ears.

Chester Wetbacon III for the Interceiving Yearly Globe-Times-Standard-Gazette-Mail