mere phantoms

Mere Phantoms is a Montreal-based collective of video projection and shadow puppet artists. They are Maya Ersan, Jaimie Robson and Jenny San Martin. They use a wide variety of projection techniques to explore how light and motion create spaces with ambiance, allure, spectacle and intimacy. Exploring the ephemeral qualities of time-based media, the studio produces innovative projects and workshops that employ a range of projection and animation techniques. I’ve been collaborating with them since 2011, along with Matthew Waddell and Frank O’Connor. I participated in the 2012 and 2013 editions of Nuit Blanche at the McCord museum in Montreal, created the soundtrack for a similar installation at the 2013 Istanbul Biennial, and composed a sound installation for the Three Cities exhibit at the Brandts Museum in Odense, Denmark in 2014 :