This is a brand new EP, out on the Funktionslust Recordings label September 29. I’m excited!

Here is the full set from Oct 3 2016 show at Casa Del Popolo. Thanks to Kikagaku Moyo, Dogla Magla and the Blue Skies Turn Black folks for a great night!

Music by Christian Carrière.

A remastered version of a 34-min piece which was commissioned by Montreal-based collective Mere Phantoms for the Istanbul Biennale. Made entirely up of audio mixer feedback (aka no-input console )…

A single I released while I continue to work on the full album (2015):


This piece is an edit of a sound installation I created for Mere Phantoms for their Three Cities: A shadow triptych project at Brandts Museum in Odense, Denmark. The exhibition ran until January 11, 2015.

Audio composition: Christian Carrière
Guitar, kalimba : Christian Carrière
Daf, conga : Michel Bonneau
Field Recordings : Christian Carrière (wind in the leaves), users felix blume (prayer), xserra (Turkish protest), barisbozkurt (kudum).
Special thanks to the community.

Istanbul mere phantoms mix by Christian Carrière. 2013
Instrument : no-input console + multi-track looper

Commisioned by mere phantoms for the 2013 Istanbul Biennial .


Vestiges I  – Film by Douglas Scholes. Music by Christian Carrière.


Illuminate What Lies Underfoot with Frank O’Connor (2011) :


Two Peas In A Pod with interceiving, from the EP interceiving (2009) :


Wrong Oboe with interceiving, from the EP interceiving (2009) :


Disco Stew (part 3) with interceiving, from the EP interceiving (2009)  :

Wrong Oboe  with interceiving, from the EP interceiving (2009) :