This track was almost done a long time ago. I finally finished it. Thanks to Eric and Reda, who are always very patient with my interminable production. Thanks to Signal Culture for the opportunity to work with some very interesting video synth gear. Buy :

This is a brand new EP, out on the Funktionslust Recordings label September 29. I’m excited!

Here is the full set from Oct 3 2016 show at Casa Del Popolo. Thanks to Kikagaku Moyo, Dogla Magla and the Blue Skies Turn Black folks for a great night!

Music by Christian Carrière.

A remastered version of a 34-min piece which was commissioned by Montreal-based collective Mere Phantoms for the Istanbul Biennale. Made entirely up of audio mixer feedback (aka no-input console )…

A single I released while I continue to work on the full album (2015):


This piece is an edit of a sound installation I created for Mere Phantoms for their Three Cities: A shadow triptych project at Brandts Museum in Odense, Denmark. The exhibition ran until January 11, 2015.

Audio composition: Christian Carrière
Guitar, kalimba : Christian Carrière
Daf, conga : Michel Bonneau
Field Recordings : Christian Carrière (wind in the leaves), users felix blume (prayer), xserra (Turkish protest), barisbozkurt (kudum).
Special thanks to the community.

Istanbul mere phantoms mix by Christian Carrière. 2013
Instrument : no-input console + multi-track looper

Commisioned by mere phantoms for the 2013 Istanbul Biennial .


Vestiges I  – Film by Douglas Scholes. Music by Christian Carrière.


Illuminate What Lies Underfoot with Frank O’Connor (2011) :


Two Peas In A Pod with interceiving, from the EP interceiving (2009) :


Wrong Oboe with interceiving, from the EP interceiving (2009) :


Disco Stew (part 3) with interceiving, from the EP interceiving (2009)  :

Wrong Oboe  with interceiving, from the EP interceiving (2009) :