mere phantoms

Mere Phantoms is a Montreal-based collective of video projection and shadow puppet artists. They are Maya Ersan, Jaimie Robson and Jenny San Martin. They use a wide variety of projection techniques to explore how light and motion create spaces with ambiance, allure, spectacle and intimacy. Exploring the ephemeral qualities of time-based media, the studio produces innovative projects and workshops that employ a range of projection and animation techniques. Christian Carrière has collaborated with them since 2011, along with Matthew Waddell and Frank O’Connor. He participated in the 2012 and 2013 editions of Nuit Blanche at the McCord museum in Montreal, created the soundtrack for a similar installation at the 2013 Istanbul Biennial, composed a sound installation for the Three Cities exhibit at the Brandts Museum in Odense, Denmark in 2014 and another piece for Garden of Earthly Delights presented at the Push Festival in Vancouver in 2017 :