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– Bilingual sound engineer, musician and composer with 25 years of experience. Documentary, corporate and reality TV production sound, live sound, studio recording, sound design, gallery sound installation, soundtrack production.


– 2021 Kasko/APTN : Bullseye, production sound recording – 2020 Sous un même soleil (dir. François Jacob), National Film Board, Montreal, music

– 2020 Autiste bientôt majeur (dir. Isabelle Tincler), Pixcom, Montreal (production sound)
– 2020 Marie-Papilles (dir. Karine Lacroix), Productions Pompette, Maniwaki, Qc. (production sound)
– 2019-2020 La Preuve (dir. François Gingras), Pixcom, Montreal (production sound)
– 2019-2021 FrissonsTV (dir. Christian Belz Parenteau), io média, Montreal (production sound)
– 2019 Untitled Documentary (dir. Bryan Fogel), Icarus Films, Montreal (production sound)
– 2019 Les Rabatteurs (dir. Marie Nadeau), Productions Hyperzoom, Montreal (production sound)
– 2019 Chewdaism: A Taste of Jewish Montreal (dirs. Jamie Elman and Eli Batalion), YidLife Crisis Films, Montreal (production sound)
– 2019 Colour of the Wind (dir. Claire Sanford), Tortuga Films, Inner Mongolia, China (production sound)
– 2018-2019 Ambulances animales, Hyperzoom, Montreal (production sound)
– 2018 XOXO, Déferlantes/TVA, Montreal (audio assistant)
– 2018 Club Mel, Canal Vie, Montreal (audio assistant)
– 2018-2019 Infractions, Hyperzoom/TVA, Montreal (production sound)
– 2018 Bath Fitter spot, Rebl House Media, Montreal (production sound)
– 2018 ICRF (Israel Cancer Research Fund) spots, Rebl House Media, Montreal (production sound)
– 2018 Lumenpulse spots, Ryot Media/Globe & Mail, Longeuil, Qc. (production sound)
– 2018 Sizzle reel for Danièle Henkel, Trio orange, Gatineau, Qc. (production sound)
– 2018 Little Scream, Studio recording for upcoming album, Quyon, Qc.
– 2018 Ataulfo and Dormir avec Mathilde, INIS web series, Montreal (production sound)
– 2017 Mon pire cauchemar, Pixcom, Montreal (production sound)
– 2017 Aldo spot for Alibaba, Rain Productions (NY), Co-pilot, Montreal (production sound)
– 2017 Céline Dion/Fondation de l’hôpital Sainte-Justine, Trio orange, Montreal (production sound)
– 2017 Wake Up to Yellow, Cossette Communication, Montreal (production sound)
– 2017 Labatt Palm Bay Project, Picture Farm for Anheuser-Busch/Labatt, Montreal (production sound)
– 2017 NHL Jersey Spot, Maurice Forget for Adidas, Montreal (production sound)
– 2017 FWIS Brigitte Kieffer, Keep In News/France 24, Montreal (production sound)
– 2017 Vilavida promo, Rebl House Media, Montreal (production sound)
– 2017 Jaunt VR – Max Parrot, Olympic Channel, Montreal (production sound)
– 2017 Paysafe interviews, Rebl House Media, Montreal (production sound)
– 2017 PK Subban Religion of Sports doc, Dirty Robber, Montreal (production sound)
– 2017 GOLO promos, Rebl House Media, Montreal, (production sound)
– 2017 Sauvé Series Conferences (Ted Talk-type), McGill University, Crosscurrent Films, Montreal (production sound)
– 2016 PK Subban Foundation, Nashville Children’s Hospital project, Rebl House Media, Montreal (production sound)
– 2016 Local 24, Tim Dallett multi-media performance, Laval (audio consultancy)
– 2016 Lofts, Studios and Jam Spaces (doc. TV series about Montreal artists), dir. Juliet Lammers, MaTV and CBC, Montreal (production sound)
– 2016 CSN educational video, Yantra Films, Montreal (boom operator)
– 2016 Chef’s Door (pilot for new culinary show), Rebl House Media, Montreal (production sound)
– 2016 Jillian (corporate promo spot), Capture Scratch Productions, Montreal (production sound)
– 2016 The Wanderer (film/art project commemorating Canada’s 150th anniversary), Douglas Scholes, Montreal (production sound)
– 2016 Rapides et dangereuses, Attractions images for Canal Historia, St-Barnabé, Qc. (production sound)
– 2016 Faut pas rêver, Acadie, Keep In News/France 3, Caraquet, New Brunswick (production sound)
– 2016 20 Years of Love (promo for Wienstein & Gavino’s restaurant), Rebl House Media, Montreal (production sound)
– 2016 Break-up (feature), dir. Simon Boisvert (production sound)
– 2016 Le Canada entre en jeu (promo spots for Telefilm Canada), Rebl House Media, Montreal (production sound)
– 2007-2015 CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind): Associate producer, audio publishing. Overseeing all aspects of production for 200 audiobooks a year, audio archiving, audio restoration, quality assurance, recommending and coordinating audio gear purchases, Montreal
– 2015-2017 Boîte Concrète, Montreal (recording studio)
– 2014-2015 Getting Rambunctious With Words produced with the CRUM, exhibited at SBC art contemporain gallery, Montréal (sound piece/installation),
– 2015 Canada’s Got Game (web capsules for Telefilm Canada/Pan-Am games), Rebl House Media, Montreal (production sound)
– 2014 Protest/Prayer, installation by Mere Phantoms at Brandts Museum, Odense, Denmark (soundtrack production)
– 2013 Come Out and Play, installation by Mere Phantoms at 13th Istanbul Biennale, Istanbul, Turkey (soundtrack production)
– 2013 Lames, video of gallery installation by art collective raison mobile at espace projet gallery, Montreal (music)
– 2013 Vestiges I and II, residency films by artist Douglas Scholes, Montreal (music)
– 2011 Paf Kontak !, Dirs. Jimmy Hayes and Kieran Crilly for the m60 festival, Montreal (music and sound design)
– 2011 Résonance, Dir. Louis Cummins, Montreal (music/sound design)
– 2010 La Jetée YMX, Dir. Dominic Marleau, Montreal (music)
– 2009 Actions : What You Can Do With the City, exhibit at the CCA (Canadian Centre for Architecture), Montreal (music with interceiving)
– 2007-2009 Mixgogood, Toronto (mixing studio)
– 2008 Zéro Degré (short) dir. Dominic Marleau (production sound, sound design and mix)
– 2008 Dialogues fantasques pour causeurs éperdus, Playwright/director : Patrick Leroux, Concordia University, Montreal (live foley effects)
– 2004-2007 Bell HD Truck (Cirque du Soleil premières and other events) (broadcast sound engineering)
– 2004-2007 RDS (Réseau des sports), Montreal (broadcast sound engineering)
– 2006 La demande (short) dir. Louis-Alexandre Martin (production sound)
– 2006 Dead Space, Dirs. Marielle Quesney and Jean Labourdette, National Film Board of Canada, Montreal (music)
– 2006 L’ Gros Show (Mike Ward) for MusiquePlus, Montréal (production sound)
– 2003-2006 Musicographie (multiple episodes) for Musimax, Montréal (production sound)
– 2006 Tête première – 10 episodes for PRAM Inc., broadcast on Vrak TV, Montréal (production sound)
– 2000-2006 MusiquePlus/Musimax, Montreal (broadcast sound engineering, audio editing and mixing on ProTools)
– 2004-2006 Musimax, Montreal (broadcast sound engineering for Montreal International Jazz Festival)
– 2005-2006 Sketch comedy one-offs with les Denis Drolet, Dominic Paquet, etc. (production sound)
– 2006 Le Noël du gars frustré (Jean-François Mercier) for MusiquePlus, Montréal (production sound)
– 2006 Des gens pas ordinaires – 10 episodes by Anne-Marie Losique for MusiquePlus, Montréal (production sound)
– 2005 Beau D’hommage: c’est bien gravé dans ma mémoire! Amérimage-spectra,TVA, Montreal (production sound)
– 2005 La vie rurale – 7 episodes by Anne-Marie Losique) for Musiqueplus, Montreal (production sound)
– 2004-2005 Disques SNB, Montreal (mastering studio)
– 2004 Yvon Deschamps : Aimons-nous Sogestalt, SRC (production sound)
– 2004 TQS (Télévision quatre saisons), Montreal (broadcast sound engineering)
– 2004 The Forgotten Ones (feature) dir. Jesse Heffring (production sound)
– 2003 3 Days In A Bag (short) dir. Raphaël Ouellet (production sound, sound design, music and mix)
– 2003 Des gars, des filles et un salaud (feature) dir. Simon Boisvert (production sound)
– 2003 Loft Story, Season 1, Montreal (broadcast sound engineering)
– 2003 Invented Wisdom, Dir. Jérôme Gariépy, NFB, Montreal (music, sound design, mix)
– 2003 3 Days In A Bag, Dir. Raphaël Ouellet, Montreal (production sound, music, sound design, mix)
– 2003 Moving, Dir.: Raphaël Ouellet , Krakow, Poland (dialogue editing, mixing on ProTools)
– 2003 Cosmos, Dir.: Renaud Rouverand, Montreal (music)
– 2003 A Bright Room Called Day, Dir. Val Smith, Montreal (sound design for theatre)
– 2002 Dreamchaser, Dir. Renaud Rouverand, Montreal (music)
– 1996-1999 db Recording Systems, Ottawa (recording studio)
– 1999 Studio V.U., Wakefield, Québec (recording studio)
– 1998-1999 Oxford Productions, Ottawa (recording studio)
– 1995-1999 Studio B, Ottawa (recording studio)


– Member of the SPACQ, SOCAN and of SODRAC (musical copyright associations)
– AQTIS member


– Reaper, Avid ProTools, Sony Sound Forge, Logic Express, Steinberg Cubase et Nuendo, Paul’s Stretch, Audio Hijack, Spectrafoo, Apogee Maestro, iMovie, iPhoto
– Analog and digital audio consoles, all types of microphones, preamps, compressors, multi-effects units, and wireless transmission units.


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