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Christian Carrière is a sound artist and musician based in Montreal, Canada. His work lives in the dreamy grey zone between sound design, soundscape and music. His interest lies in the juxtaposition of unusual sonic elements, hybrid creations of synthesizer music, polyphonic no-input music, field recordings and semantic mash-ups.

He has released several albums, scored independent films and created sound installations for gallery and museum projects shown in Canada, the UK, Denmark, and Turkey. His recorded works have been broadcast on CBC, BBC3, Radio-Canada and elsewhere. He has performed at major Montreal festivals, including Mutek, Pop Montreal and Suoni per il popolo, and in various venues across Canada.

Present and past collaborators include duo Kind Disregards, recording artist HILOTRONS, microtonal improvisation duet Quolibet, shadow puppeteers Mere Phantoms, experimental band Interceiving, artist collective CRUM (Centre de recherche urbaine de Montréal), sculpture artist Douglas Scholes, and field recording collective Lanark Land Art Recording Group.

photo by Laurie Barbeau-Lapointe

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